Outlook for Real Estate 2014, What to Expect



I’ve just passed the 2014 Real Estate Broker’s Exam and very much excited to have my license already. And, I must say that I learned a lot from Engineer Enrico Cruz, who is our mentor in Urban Institute of Real Estate. If you are planning to take the board exam next year and you are looking for a review center, definitely would recommend Urban Institute (Home of the topnotchers).

Now that I will have a license, a start up network, several listings, what now? one thing I learned from Engineer Cruz is to start humble. Start as an agent and experience the art of selling. Residential or Commercial properties? Project selling or re-sale brokerage? Lease or Sale? Brand new or foreclosed properties? Project Selling for developers, most often residential condo sales – is it still something I want to spend time on, knowing that most sellers are here already? Or will I take the path less traveled by? These are some of the overwhelming questions I ask myself.

This is not an easy task especially for someone like me who has an established profession in the IT industry, trying something in an entirely new industry, but I am up for the challenge. Armed with my skills and experience in IT, especially web development and search engine rankings, I can apply them into selling to be globally competitive. Knowing that the BPO industry, the industry that I’m at for almost 13 years now, is one of the driving force of our healthy real estate market, is one advantage I can leverage as well.

Saying that, I only know one thing – I am determined to succeed. Let’s see where this road takes us. To my group mates and batch mates at Urban, Good Luck to us! See you around :-)



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