Five Tips for Choosing the Right Tenant

 Simple steps for landlords can follow to avoid problems later on




MANILA, FEBRUARY 26, 2015: For landlords, selecting a bad tenant for your property can be a costly exercise. Leasing your property to the wrong person could result in damage to the home, unpaid rental payments, and even legal action. But by taking the time to search for the right tenant from the outset, landlords can minimise these risks and avoid any additional costs.

From face-to-face interviews to checking a prospective renter’s credit history, global real estate network Lamudi takes a look at five simple tips for selecting the right tenant for your property.

If possible, meet the applicants

If you are managing the property yourself, rather than hiring a real estate agent, the rapport you have with the tenants will be crucial. If time permits, schedule face-to-face meetings with the applicants. If you live out of town, set up a phone call instead. Spending time on this crucial step could save you a lot of problems during the tenancy.

Be thorough with documentation

Require certain documents of all applicants and be thorough in verifying these. As well as a copy of their identity card or passport, proof of income should be provided. This should take the form of both a work contract and copies of their most recent payslips. In order to ensure the tenant can afford to lease the property, the rent should not be more than about a third of their total monthly income. For extra security, homeowners can also require references from previous landlords.

Check their credit history

Perhaps the most important component of the screening process is verifying the prospective tenant’s credit history. This will tell you whether they have any outstanding debt, as well as whether they have a history of paying their bills on time. Brokers who specialize on leasing properties recommend asking for the would-be tenant’s latest billing statements, such as mobile phone subscription. Even if they can afford the rent based on their current salary, they may have accumulated debt and these repayments will need to be factored in to their budget.

Look out for warning signs

When reviewing an application, look closely at the prospective tenant’s rental history. Have they moved around a lot, or do they tend to stay in a property more long term? Most landlords will be looking for a tenant who is stable and willing to stay for a longer period. A patchy rental history where the tenant has moved house frequently could be a sign that there have been issues between the person and their previous landlords.

Listen to your instincts

All the information and documentation the renter has provided checks out, and you are almost ready to select the new tenant. However, there is something holding you back from offering them the contract. Even though everything seems to be in order, you feel uncomfortable renting your property to this particular individual. Always listen to this gut feeling and trust your instincts before making a final decision.

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Avida Towers Asten

Are you independent? Do you have a fast-paced, career oriented lifestyle?

Then the Avida Towers Asten in Makati is a place for you. Perfect for the millennial generation’s young savvy achievers

Avida Towers Asten is the newest condominium project of Avida Land. It is located in Makati, bounded by the streets of Malugay and Yakal. Just a few meters away from its first condominium project in Makati, Avida Towers Makati West. Avida Towers Asten will be a three tower condominium, with retail units at the ground floor. It will boast of a sleek and modern design.

Avida Land’s high-rise residential development which will soon emerge in the thriving business and cultural district of West Makati.

AvidaAstenPeople who would love to live near their workplace will enjoy the world class features of Avida Asten such as the clubhouse, gym, game room, pool lounge, kids playroom and the sky garden (image below).


Typical Units: Studio (ave are of 22 sqm), 1 BR (ave area 34.54 sqm), 2 BR (ave area 61.64 sqm)

Avida Asten also has special units:

  • 2 BR Bi-Level Units (ave area 97.45 sqm)
  • 3BR Bi-level units (ave area 114.72 sqm)
  • 1BR with Balcony units (ave area 40.04 sqm – balcony 11.89 sqm)
  • Pop out units

Be the first to own a unit in Avida Asten.

For inquiries:
email: | mobile: +63 9228894166 / +63 9178605786| phone: +632 3819013

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Tali Beach House in Batangas for Sale | For Rent

frontview-wideTali Beach House, Nasugbu Batangas, Philipines -For SALE

Would it be nice if you will always have a place to spend the most quality time with your friends, your family and espacially with yourself?

Would it be nice to have a retirement home where you’d most want to spend the temperate days and nights in of your future?

Or would it just be simply nice to own an income generating vacation home that earns an avarage of Php 200,000 each month from rentals?

Then there is no place to grab that opportunity for tranquility than to have this luxuriously peaceful vacation home in Tali Beach, Nasugbu Batangas, Philippines, for yourself and family.

1500 sqm in lot area with  a huge (4ft – 8ft) swimming pool at the backyard. It is a pefect place for outdoor gatherings like barbeque, chilling out with friends, drinking sodas or beer, or just medidating, do your yoga or just lay down and enjoy the breeze of fresh air.

pool3 pool

If you are not satisfied with the backyard, there is a spacious veranda at the second floor.

That’s just the backyard, when you get to see what’s inside, you will even love this house more and more.
Starting with the three huge bedrooms – the master’s bedroom is large enough to fit 15 to 20 people in it. The four-pillar bed is very exquisite – makes me feel like a princess everytime I am there. Not to mention, a woman’s favorite part of the house - the walk-in closet and the bathroom.

masters masters2
The 2 other bedrooms are just as elegant as the master’s bedroom, each has their own walk-in closet and bathroom as well.

guestroom1 guestroom2
The living room has a huge flat screen TV with satellite cable, DVD and surround sound system. The secondary living room is also a cozy little area where you can have coffee, tea, or have a short meeting with your business partners or associates.

The whole first floor of the house is equipped with centralized airconditioning.

living living2

The kitchen and dining rooms are not to miss as well.

dining kitchen

Plus the details of the house are to die for :) the spiral staircase, the chandeliers, paintings, furnitures.

receiving staircase staircase2

Owning this house also gives you the benefit of having a 24/7 security, get access and rub elbows with some of the country’s elite people, and just play and swim in the private beach shore areas.

Interested? Own it now (or just rent it) What to see this house personally?

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